Setting Fixture For Supercar Headlamp

|Setting Fixture For Supercar Headlamp
Setting Fixture For Supercar Headlamp2016-10-18T14:35:52+01:00

Project Description

Requirement: The fixture must hold the lamp firmly on its datum surfaces whilst allowing in situ adjustment and allow an adjustment to within of 0.2mm with a repeatability of 0.05mm. The fixture had to be quick and reliable to use in a production environment.

Comment: The concept behind the design was to support the lamp on 3 points of the lens surface taking into account the balance of the lamp on the fixture. This method of support allowed the use of a single clamp which helped minimise clamping distortion and made the jig quick and easy to use. To allow in situ adjustment whilst simultaneously reading the calibration gauges a carriage system using linear slide ways was used to carry the measurement points. All components were machined direct from solid in house facilities.

Customer Location: Hampshire

Material Type: Aluminium / Acetal

Production Quantity: 1 Unit

Service: Mechanical design, precision engineered components, and assembly.