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Specialists in machining low volume, complex components

At Innova all components are machined directly from solid models

with tool paths created automatically via the latest machining software. This enables us to dramatically reduce lead times and cost, making machining a fast and affordable process for prototype and smaller quantities.

Our design support and services blend perfectly with manufacturing prototypes; we understand the requirements and work with you to achieve the product you want.

Engineering prototype projects include:

  • Aircraft interiors
  • Television camera support arm
  • Carbon fibre boom ends for yachts
  • Military electronic enclosures
  • Various first stage entrepreneurial projects

small batch cnc machining

Machining Parts v Rapid Prototype produced parts:

  • Prototype machined parts can be produced as quickly and easily as using the RP process using materials such as Aluminium, Nylon, ABS and PEEK.
  • CNC Machined parts are far superior to Rapid Prototype produced parts due to their greater strength, better surface finish and more accurate dimensions.
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