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Great looking electronics enclosures designed to meet your needs

Innova offers customers a full enclosure design and manufacture service.

Aimed principally at the electronics engineering, specialist Innova, will work with you to design to your exact specification enclosures that not only allow your product to function as you intended but also provides a perfect fit for your electronics.

By minimising bulk and wasted space we allow your product to look as unique and stylish as possible for that all important first impression in the market place.

Lead mechanical design engineer, Hugh Watson has experience designing enclosures for a wide range of industries and feels this and Innova’s unique machining and design expertise make Innova well placed to partner you for great results.

Key Features of our Electronics Enclosure service:

  • Machined from solid models to customers specification/design
  • Latest 3D computer aided design and manufacture techniques allow bespoke designs to be manufactured at competitive prices, comparable to the cost of buying and modifying off the shelf cast units
  • Innova is uniquely placed to provide a manufacturing and/or design service as required
  • Accuracy and detail allow a greater packaging density
  • The style and fit of mass production but in low volumes
  • Cost effective service from a one off to several hundreds of units
  • Paint/Anodised finishing service
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